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Engage with Your New Customers…

Interactive content and media is becoming one of the most popular features for visitors to the internet. From videos and games to photos and social networking, being able to ‘play’ online is recognised as one of the best way to interact with visitors.

Do you know Google Streetview? It is like a virtual tour of streets and places, where you can look around, move about and zoom in and out to view points of interest and interact with listed locations. It is one of the most popular interactive sites with an enthusiastic following both in the UK and worldwide.

You can now have your business, shop or attraction integrated onto Google streetview and displayed across the Google services including search results, maps and places.

I use streetview for taking a look at where I want to eat out or where I want to shop, planning family trips and choosing places to visit. Being able to see a location before you are there adds confidence and generates excitement both with me and the rest of the family before I’ve even left my computer.

Now Google are enabling this kind of virtual tour for the inside of your business. It’s like Streetview, but going inside your business. Visitors can step inside your location and spin around and explore. It is compelling and addictive. If your business has a tour on Google, visitors are invited to take a look inside. The tour can be found on many of Google’s services including Google searches, Google places, Google Streetview, Google Maps and Google+

Experience the atmosphere from your own home, or on the move with your phone or tablet…

How can I get a Virtual Tour on Google?

Google is one of the most popular search engines to find services. Google have just launched this new feature in collaboration with ‘Trusted Independent Photographers’. Trusted Independent Photographers are trained and authorised by Google to photograph and upload virtual tours and photos to Google’s servers. Google only allow Trusted Independent Photographers to submit virtual tours to Google.

Local businesses who would like to show visiting customers a virtual tour of their business can arrange to have their business photographed and included on Google. This is similar to the current street view tours, but going inside your business.

Philip Edwards has been selected and certified by Google as a ‘Trusted Independent Photographer’ to offer this feature to Bath and the surrounding area. Philip Edwards would be delighted to provide virtual tours and feature photos of your business which are uploaded to Google.

If you would like to arrange a photo shoot with Philip Edwards, he will arrange to photograph interior photos along with a panoramic photo tour of the business. The photos are supplied to you for your own website or marketing. Philip also arranges to have the photos uploaded onto Google so that visiting customers can view the business and be encouraged to visit.

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Just For Clarity:

Philip Edwards has been certified and trained by Google to take photos for Google, however, Philip Edwards is an independent photographer and not an employee of Google.

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